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The Royal Visit

The Royal Visit

SKU: 364215376135191

"The Royal Visit" is a hand-drawn digital print. Release of 20 across all formats. The digital file can be printed only once. If printing yourself. It is specified that it is intended printed on heavy etching paper stock full colour. Your Edition number and authentication page will be sent as part of the package. If you want to purchase a printed version add $375.00 AUD for an editioned, signed print, plus $325.00 Ready-to-hange architival framed version. Add Freight to your destnation.  Regardless of format you will receive a secure, digital Authentication with QR reference with the Edition number out of 20.


Note: Editions will be released on a first come, first serve basis. Prices will be inclusive of of all Taxes. If Artist Creates an NFT of this work at any time, you will recieve %2 of the profit for the life of the NFT whenever it is exchanged. It is the sole power of the artist to make a decision as whether the work will become and NFT. If you have provided your current details, you will be contacted should this occur.

  • Artist Statement

    "The Royal Visit is a playful look at city life, starcrossed lovers and social ideas of class and self perception.

  • Printing Information

    542mmX742mm to be printed on heavey stock or etching paper, ideally framed in a gold,  ornate frame.


    This is a PNG file that can be delivered via a download after you have purchased. Pre-printed and/or framed versions will incur separate costs arranged through GCD.

  • Authentication

    When you purchase any digital work from Graham Clarkson Design, you will receive a QR Code that leads to your person edition number and certificate of ownership and Authenticity.

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